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October 6, 2018 – March 3, 2019
Galerie Stadt Sindelfingen, Sindelfingen, Germany


Exhibition View

Installation View of #Material4.0, Galerie Stadt Sindelfingen, Sindelfingen, Germany, 2018

Photo: Henning Krause, Photo: Jung Lee


Text By Madeleine Frey

In her work South Korean artist Jung Lee explores the irrelevance of language. Language frequently becomes divested of its meaning as a result of catchwords and slogans from advertising and pop culture. Lee uses neon lettering and landscape to translate this observation through artistic means. Using the medium of photography she captures the moment in which lettering and landscape merge. To this end she places the neon in a deserted, undefined nature space. The intensity of the neon stands in stark contrast to the often barren and obscure atmosphere of nature. In the series No More, the neon becomes increasingly illegible and dissolve in a hazy fusion with the landscape, with which Lee intimates a kind of murmuring. In using this form of representation, Lee expands her pictorial vocabulary and implies a further level in the incomprehensibility of language: murmuring as the acoustic failure of communication.


Exhibited Works

  • No More (From the Series ‘No More’), 2016, C-type Print, 152 × 191cm
  • Unintelligible (From the Series ‘No More’), 2016, C-type Print, 152 × 191cm
  • Take Me Away (From the Series ‘No More’), 2016, C-type Print, 128 × 161cm
  • Hold Me Tight (From the Series ‘Aporia’), 2014, C-type Print, 170 × 136cm
  • I Still Remember (From the Series ‘Aporia’), 2010, C-type Print, 136 × 170cm
  • You, You, You…… (From the Series ‘Aporia’), 2010, C-type Print, 125 × 100cm
  • The End (From the Series ‘Aporia’), 2010, C-type Print, 100 × 125cm
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