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January 24, 2020 – May 3, 2020
Het HEM, Zaandam, Netherlands


Exhibition View

Installation View of CHAPTER 3HREE MAARTEN SPRUYT, Het HEM, Zaandam, Netherlands, 2020
Photo: Jung Lee


Text by het HEM

Jung Lee (1972, Korea) investigates the images that language can evoke and the language that images can evoke. Neon light is a recurring material that she uses to display internal and intimate worlds of experience and the related words in the public sphere. The lighting installation It’s Over is struck by visual speechlessness. At the end of the tunnel, concrete concepts fall into abstractions and words fizzle out in murmur.


Exhibited Works

It’s Over, 2020 (Originally 2016) Neon, Transformers, High Voltage Cables etc. Dimensions specific to site

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