27 10월 2017


October 13, 2011 – October 16, 2011
Frieze Art Fair, Regent Park, London, UK

Installation View of Frame, Frieze Art Fair, London, UK, 2011

By Carol Yinghua Lu

In her photographs Jung Lee contemplates the issue of identity and particularly the construction of a people’s cultural identity in the eyes of others, as well as the gap (and the resulting tension) between such perceptions and the complex reality. Through her own experience as a Korean woman studying in London she has observed a tendency for herself and her fellow countrymen to be pigeon-holed, to have a prescribed character and form of behavior projected onto them in their contact with Western people in British society. She has captured this interaction between people from different cultures and its resulting predicaments in her series ‘Clubgenki’ (2002) – ‘genki’ means ‘well-being’ in Japanese. The same issue of stereotypes applies to the discussion of the way North Korea is portrayed in the West, which Lee has explored in another photographic series, ‘Bordering North Korea’ (2005-8).

Exhibited Works

I Love You With All My Heart (From the Series ‘Aporia’), 2010, C-type Print, 160 × 200cm

You (From the Series ‘Aporia’), 2010, C-type Print, 170 × 136cm

How Could You Do This To Me? (From the Series ‘Aporia’), 2011, C-type Print, 136 × 170cm


Aporia#1 – 2011 (Frieze), 2011, Neon, Transformers, High Voltage Cables, Wire, Silicone Tube etc., Dimensions Variable